General Considerations

My Camp’s location

MyCamp is located in the Ribatejo region, at Vale da Pinta, near Cartaxo, in the district of Santarém. From Lisbon, you can use the A1 highway and take the Aveiras exit, in a 45 minute trip.

It’s very easy to find Quinta da Broeira, just follow our instructions!

Is there a group minimum of participants for a group?

Our Programs are structured for a minimum of 20 participants with ages between 6 and 17 years old. However, we can adapt make any program above this minimum required.

What is included in My Camp Programs?

  • Designated activities of the chosen program;
  • Permanent My Camp Staff monitoring;
  • Insurance.

What is the number of My Camp monitors that will be with the group?

The number of monitors per group will always depend on the number of participants, age group and chosen program.
My Camp offers 1 teacher per ten participants.

My Camp’s accommodation separates participants by their gender, and age group. Our monitors can stay with them overnight if the teachers so require.

How are the activities structured?

My Camp is organized by our camp director, team leader / coordinator and our staff monitors.
Our staff monitors team is responsible for all the camps dynamic, activities and basic care of your children. Each staff monitor is responsible for a group of participants, based on their age group. Every monitor has the proper training as well as proven experience in My Camp activities.

How can I book my program?

You can book by filling our reservation form which you can find on our website or you can contact us directly through any of our communication channels.
If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us


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How is the payment method?

The payment is made while booking your children holiday camp. Our payment methods include bank transfer, cheque, or cash. ATM service is not available at our facilities.

What if I have to cancel my booking? Is there any refund?

For group program cancellations:

  • There will not be no refund for cancelations 30 days prior to the beginning of the holiday camp;
  • Cancellations between 30 and 45 days prior to the beginning of the holiday camp – 50% refund;
  • In some specific cases My Camp will refund the total price of the holiday camp. For this there must be a compelling situation, that My Camp will analyse and deliberate on.

All cancellations must be sent to You must indicate all the School and group responsible personal info and IBAN for the refund.

What should my students bring to MyCamp?

It’s demanding that your students bring comfortable clothes and shoes (sportswear) for our outdoor activities and warm clothes for evening activities. In the last evening of our holiday camp, My Camp arranges a Gala Evening. As so, we recommend more formal, elegant clothes, which will be only used in that evening.

Your students must bring:

  • bathing suit;
  • pool towels;
  • flip-flops;
  • hat;
  • sun screen;
  • insect repellent;
  • all their hygiene items (shampoo, shower gel, tooth brush and tooth paste, etc.).


And what they can’t bring?

My Camp does not allow any kind of electronic devices (iPad, eBooks, iPods, ..) and / or valuable items. We want your children to enjoy their moments of free time with other participants to socialize and make new friends.

It is strictly forbidden to bring lighters, fire-works, games, etc. It is also forbidden to smoke and bring alcoholic beverages in the camp. We also don’t advise our participants to bring expensive branded clothes, since they can get dirty in many outdoor activities.

My Camp doesn’t take any responsibility for any damaged items, lost items or theft during our holiday camps.

Abnormal Behaviour

It’s strictly forbidden dangerous objects and behaviours. Our pedagogical team must always agree in the taken measures regarding any abnormal behaviour.
Are considerate abnormal behaviours any behaviour that raise any worries with the monitor team, discomfort to any other participant or dangerous behaviours.

Our operating rules are always presented to all participants on the first day of our holiday camps. Our pedagogical team will always report to the parents and tutors in any of these abnormal behaviours happen.


Think about doing an activity with your students, where they will have the opportunity of working many important aspects like cohesion and cooperation. You will later notice the improvement in your classroom!

My Camp group programs promote the contact with the environment, interaction with others, overcoming obstacles and constant learning.

We believe that active learning is much more motivational and has a lot more impact. At My Camp they can learn through everything they do, experience and discover, about the environment and about each other. Therefore, they can develop questioning capacities, reflexion, evaluation skills and cooperation.

Come and experience this adventure with your students!

Holiday camps are much more than having your children occupied. They have an important positive impact in their development.

It’s scientifically proven the major benefits of participating in a holiday camp are:

  1. Greater engagement and respect for the environment;
  2. Stronger relationships between peers;
  3. Cohesion and cooperation increase;
  4. Personal and social competences development;
  5. Increase of self-confidence and self-esteem.

All of these competences can’t be taught the conventional way, but can be practised through many vivid experiences. My Camp is aware of the importance of this informal education as a mean of acquiring essential values.


If, for health reasons, one of our participants need a special diet, My Camp is able to solve this and other situations.

My Camp is proud to be specially known by parents and educators regarding its served meals. We follow the highest nutritionist quality standards in quality and variety of all served meals. Our menus are carefully made with the approval of the nutritionist Dr. Teresa Mendrico and are prepared having in mind the taste of our participants.

Fish and meat are served every day, avoiding fried food. All food is fresh delivered right at our doorstep, avoiding all quality loss in its transportation. My Camp has a permanent contract with HACCP to maintain all required demands by law.

Our kitchen staff and their assistants have the proper training in using and cooking meals, provided by the HACCP services.
It’s essential that teachers and group responsible give us the information about allergies or intolerances to any ingredient, so that our kitchen staff can prepare a special meal.

Safety and Medical Care

At My Camp, the safety of our participants is our number one priority. Supervision and safety are key part of daily work.

Every activity is supervised by specialized technicians and all our structures are regulated by te required entities.

We have the Holiday Camp Licence n. 72/2012/DRLVT issued by IPDJ – Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude (Portuguese Youth Institute), and the Tourism Animation, n. 44/2007 issued by DGT – Direção Geral do Turismo. All participants are covered by our Personal Accidents and Civil Liability insurance.

24 Hour Surveillance

Quinta da Broeira has 10 sealed hectares with one controlled entrance with automatic gates. We also have cameras in strategic points controlled by a central. Having all required licences, our Quinta has fire detectors, signs, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and burglar alarms.

MyCamp pools are closed out of hours of use. At the entrance there are a scoreboard with a list of rules to remember the good use and safety.

Medical Care

Quinta da Broeira is located 2km from the nearest Health Care Center at Pontével, with specialized doctors and nurses, and 15km from District Hospital of Santarém having a new pediatric ward.

At MyCamp there is a First Aid Ward and an Ambulance equipped and assured (assisted) by
The Portuguese Red Cross of Santarém. The Red Cross is present daily for the whole week
(Monday to Friday) during the Summer Season promoting greater efficiency and security.
All activities at MyCamp are highly supervised by specialized Technicians / Monitors / Entertainers.

We always ask for parent’s consent in case of necessity of giving any medication to a participant. Health Care Centres, Fire Stations, Police Stations are always aware of when we begin our holiday camps for a much faster response, in case of an emergency.

In every participant’s registration form there’s a field where parents must fill every important or relevant info about their children (special needs, medical needs, etc.).
All of this information is classified and therefore never exposed to anyone but our pedagogical staff and monitors.

At the first day of the holiday camps, parents must give any medication for their children and provide all info about it.
If by any reason, a participant is taken to the hospital, parents will be informed about it and throughout all the process.