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Hello! Welcome to MyCamp 😛

Looking for a good time? Bring all your friends and be with the coolest #summerfamily in Portugal! At MyCamp we enjoy life as a big family. We love holiday camps, summer camps, group programs, everything where fun, sun and friendship can be found.

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Have you ever been to Portugal?
It’s the best place on earth… and beyond

Where shall we start… Portugal has loads of sun, smiles, beaches…Surf is a big thing here too!… Like 20 meter waves! Our gastronomy is another tasty topic!  😉

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Learn about MyCamp's history

All families have their own history and MyCamp is no exception. Our #summerfamily was born in 1992 at Quinta das Malhadas. Since 2001 we are based at Quinta da Broeira.

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