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Holiday Camps

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Whether you chose Summer, Spring or even Winter holidays, these will undoubtedly be unforgettable days. Every week is different with unique moments full of laughter, great weather, friendship and many, many activities!

Water activities (canoeing, buoy / floaters, banana, flyfish), High Ropes Course, Low Ropes, Team Swing (Giant Swing), Swimming Pool and Water Slides, Climbing, Paintball, evening activities and much, much more!

All this while enjoying breath-taking landscapes and amazing monuments with our Cultural Day Outings!


MyCamp gives you the possibility of making new friends and discovering new cultures!

Much more than learning a new language, this is the perfect oportunity for you to build confidence and make new friends throughout the world. Every year MyCamp welcomes international participants from all continents and cultures. It is really an inspiration to see this perfect match of ethnicity and cooperation in all our activities and challenges.


Choose to learn portuguese


Join us and have a wonderful time while speaking another language

Holiday Camps Holiday Camps

MyCamp works all year round with all of its activities and camps, providing incredible moments 365 days per year.

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Holiday Summer Camp Calendar

  • 25th of June to 1st of July
  • 2nd of July to 8th of July
  • 9th of July to 15th of July
  • 16th of July to 22nd of July
  • 23rd of July to 29th of July
  • 30th of July to 5th of August
  • 6th of August to 12th of August
  • 13th of August to 19th of August
  • 20th of August to 26th of August
  • 27th of August to 2nd of September
  • 3rd of September to 9th of September
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